Thursday, July 10, 2003
A correction 
On Wednesday, July 9th at approximately 7:30 pm, an entry was posted on this blog regarding the falling out between one Mr TheHustler, and another person. The article alleged that a campaign of disinformation was carried out against Mr TheHustler. After much investigation, it has emerged that this isnt the case. It was just people wanting to keep their cards to their chest, or their private life private. The editors at TheHustler's blog are happy to print this correction, and apologise for any inconvience caused.

Well, it made me laugh. But anyway, yes. Ho hum. Anyway, when i said disinformation i was a little hasty, i certainly didnt mean to imply that it was intentional. But thats how it came out.

Oh what the fuck, this is a complete crock of shit. And i know all 3 of you that read this (on a good day) dont care. So. Yeh.

Prolly get something else moaned at me about this now, so expect an update later...

// posted by TehHustler @ 12:20 AM

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