Tuesday, July 15, 2003
Difficult positions... 
See, i hate this. This is what causes problems.

On one hand i have a person saying she is in love with someone, and that he is in love with her, and that it was meant to be, and they are going to meet up and everything is going to go great...

And on the other, i have another person saying he is going to America, and all the women are going to love him, and he hopes hes going to get some action, if you get my drift.

This isnt fair AT ALL. i dont want to drop one person it, but im extremely protective of the other, despite what she may think.

What the FUCK am i supposed to do now? Leave it be? Hope it all goes ok? or say something and risk kicking off more shit/losing more friends.

Im just wondering now who's telling porkies, and who's telling the truth.

Actually, no im not, fuck 'em all, i have my own life to worry about, they can look after themselves.

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