Tuesday, July 29, 2003
Government Priorities... 
So, I had known for a while that the RNLI gets absolutely zero money from the government and is funded entirely from voluntary and charity contributions. Which is completely ghay++. However, I've now just heard that air ambulances dont get any government funding either. Which is even worse. Both of these are highly speciailised units, and support the regular public services in their job whenever they can't do something (I.e., get severely injured people to a hospital faster than an ambulance on the road ever could, or rescue idiotic people from their inflatable dinghies from a force 6 gale, when they had no business going out in that kind of weather anyway).

Meanwhile, the lottery fund gives out money to people wanting to build centres of sporting excellence, or to art gallery projects which will be appreciated by approximately 0.64% of the population. This is a completely skewed situation. There are hospitals with no free beds and no money to get new facilities. And then, you have MP's siphoning off money every year to support their own lavish lifestyle, and their own junkets to far away lands with no benefit to the people back home.

And, the worst thing is, we can't do a damn thing about it. Good old England, eh?

Actually, thats not true, it happens everywhere. Who said politics doesn't suck? Oh wait, noone did.

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