Thursday, July 17, 2003
Grr @ The Media 
Actually, the last post wasnt my final one. I like blogging, it's fun...

I'm completely flabbergasted. Another load of media talk about how the INTARWEB is a bad thing, and full of weirdos. I mean, yes it is, but, its not justified at all to have this witchhunt everytime we have an incident.

If you havent heard, an Ex-US Marine met a 12 year old girl from England after they met on the internet and started chatting for over a year. He told her she was 19. They met up. he was pretty mad. They went to europe, *he* gets arrested for abduction (and nothing more, from what we can tell) and she goes home safe and sound to be reunited with her family.

Sorry if im being a tard here, but what the fuck? She knew what she was doing, a calculated approach to lying to this guy to get him to believe she was 19, so they'd meet up. She probably didnt know the consequences of her actions. He on the otherhand was drawn in by a lie, and a promise of meeting a girl he really liked.

In this climate of "people on the internet maybe lying about themselves" news reports, the irony of this is, SHE was the one who lied about herself. She initiated the meetup. and now, this man is sat in a Frankfurt jail awaiting extradition to england, probably to public outcry.

Completely unjustified, and it makes me VERY angry to have to explain to my friends at work that I chat to people on the net, and we're not all weirdos and paedophiles, and that i wont try and sex0r their daughter.

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