Wednesday, July 23, 2003
Hoping things are going ok 
There were big delays at Heathrow on saturday. I hope james got to the US with the minimum of fuss, although somehow i doubt it :(

Im feeling a little better as of late, I spent the day with my grandad on Sunday and had a chat with him about various things. Turns out that, as expected, he didnt just take my side and start dishing out "oh thats not right" and "hum, not good at all" style comments. He actually bothered to tell me the truth and say that he thought i was overreacting and maybe even interfering a little. Which is true, i guess, but it was for the right reasons. Or so i thought, anyway.

I guess im just crap at interpreting what people are telling me or something like that. Theres absolutely no way that things ive done were on purpose or had any malicious intent, the sooner people start seeing that the better. And yes, in the past ive been a retard, but that was not the case this time. Or rather, if it was, it shouldnt have been like that and I tried to avoid it.

I see things in black and white, logically. I cant be doing with trying to make my own conclusions, if something seems wrong, then ill say so. I cant be expected to realise that people are trying to keep stuff from me. Although i suppose if they were doing that, they arent good at it, otherwise i wouldnt have been thinking something was wrong :p

But yeh, when certain things didnt add up, and I highlighted them, a lot of people thought i was doing the right thing. A lot of them didnt know the full story, but they worked it all out. so that made me feel like i wasnt being a twat, just a concerned friend.

Oh fucking hell, Im doing that whole talking in code thing again.

I guess the people this is for will probably work out what im trying to say. And those that cant figure out: it's probably not aimed at you :p

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