Monday, July 07, 2003
Intro. Yay. 
So then. Every other bugger in the world is writing one of these. Not sure why though. If you cant beat 'em, join them.

It's possible that this will get left un-updated, due to me being very boring, and not having much to write about. Should that happen, feel free to go and do something useful like going out. That big room with the blue ceiling is good you know. Seriously, what are you doing here, go outside and get a life, nerd.

Well, at the moment, I seem to pissing a lot of people off. So this is a place for me to vent my spleen, as such. Either that, or an attempt to make myself more desirable by painting myself as a tortured soul, with everything going wrong around me. Something to show off, attention seeking. Thats what half the blogs ive read are all about anyway. The only two blogs ive EVER read that are a genuine portrait of someones life and not used as a "woe is me" thing are Amber and Vicky. Although, one of those people isnt talking to me, and the other one keeps beating me at car racing games. Damn her.

So yeh, im at work. Happy days.

Oh and by the way, some other twat has already taken thehustler, so i had to have tehhustler. Clever, no? No? Shit :(

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