Wednesday, July 09, 2003
Life: 1, Mark: 0 
Well. Things could be better. Not only have I just fallen out with someone who I really wish I hadn't done (and for completely stupid fucking reasons, but more on that another day, not in the mood now, and its too complicated), but also, im out of doritos. Nothing like getting priorities right, is there?

It's tricky to know whats going on when two people tell you completely conflicting stories. But apparently, I shouldn't question people. Wouldnt YOU question a story if it didn't check out? I know I would. And did. Especially if it involved your two best friends. Unfortunately, one of those is gone now. And I have a pretty safe bet with myself that the other one is going to follow suit, because things are stupid like that.

Misunderstandings over silly things, disinformation from people, and me acting like a prick on more than one occasion, but does it deserve this? I don't think so.
Definitely not what I'd call a good day.
Oh yes, I also got made full time at work. But right now, I could care less.

Life would be boring if it was simple...

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