Thursday, July 17, 2003
Oh well, final post i guess 
Created this thing as a rantboard, turned out to be nothing more than a trouble maker. Blogs suck. :)

I'm not making any apologies for hearing what i hear, and telling it like it is. People say all sorts of things, and not just once either. Nothing has been misconstrued, stuff was just heard on more than one occasion that I didnt like, it didnt tally with what i knew, or thought I knew (which is another point entirely). And im still in protective mode here. I dont like hearing what i heard, considering what was supposedly on the cards for the future. It smelled.

Sorry, im talking in code, I dont know how else to put it without saying it bluntly. And blunt is something im shit at.

It's not like i was intending a fight to happen on purpose, or trying to break people up. But for people that supposedly tell each other everything and are so well suited, the whole idea of what I heard is madness. I mean, talk about open relationship or what. That's not fair at all. Which is what has been my motivation through all of this. Trying to look out for people in case bad shit happened. But heh, fine job I did with that, I won't bother anymore.

The whole situation just seems odd. Perhaps my one apology should be for posting things in a public place where they could be seen by all and sundry, instead of keeping it to myself and keeping my nose out. I could argue "Why should i keep stuff that isnt good for a friend to myself?" - But it would be fruitless. I wouldnt get listened to, and It'd do no good.

So i guess what im trying to say is, im through with it all, don't talk to me if you dont want to, but I hope things go ok. Thats all i've ever wanted.

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