Friday, August 01, 2003
So, I'm checking emails, reading other peoples blogs, and generally being bored, when this limo pulls up outside. Wowza. We all get in, myself, my mum, and my grandparents, and people are coming out of their houses watching. That =owned=. Then, we drove around Blackpool for an hour, stopped off at the park, took some pictures (I'll post them later), and people were looking in the windows seeing if they were famous. Then they realised that we weren't and walked away disappointed. Everytime we went past people they stared at the car. It felt great. The odd girl saw me. And smiled. And I smiled back. Then we drove past. Shit :( We finished up at a local restaurant and had an excellent meal over lunchtime, then went home. Absolute madness. This limo was an 8.8 litre, 4.5 Ton Cadillac, once owned by Diana Ross. And Tom Jones used it the night before us. Sheer brilliance. My mum doesn't always get it right, but this time, she did good. I don't think im going to forget my 21st at all.

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