Tuesday, August 19, 2003
Ankle update 
Bruising: Gone
Swelling: Gone
Pain: Hurts like fuck around the bone. I really hope they got it right when they said it wasnt broken. Otherwise, there will be hell to pay.

In other news. I got made the official DJ of http://www.hl2central.net/, which basically means i get to dj to an audience, FINALLY. And also i get to do news stuff about Half-Life2, when it comes out. Hopefully I can snare one of the big people from vALVE for an interview. Also on the HL2 front, I have to plug our mod, Junkyard Corps, based on the TV show concept. Should be good with all the new physics stuff in the game. http://www.junkyardcorps.t52.org/ if you want a look.

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