Friday, August 01, 2003
Last post before holiday time 
Holidays are a funny thing. I've been looking forward to this for a while. Things haven't been good lately, and I'm determined to enjoy this, especially after yesterday's birthday surprise going so well. I'm on an absolute high. I think ive just had one of those moments where I realise that my life is going somewhere, I have good friends, I have some enemies, but they dont bother me, and I have people in limbo sorta in between.

The thing is, holiday's have a tendancy to make you forget about things happening around you, which I partly want to do, but i dont want to fall out of the loop completely. I dont like not knowing whats going on. I think DARPA call it Total Informational Awareness. I call it being a nosey cunt.

So. I'll try and post while im away, take and upload some pictures. thanks to the wonder of iPaq's and GPRS. And ill make an appearance on IRC/MSN. And check my Email.

Christ, how sad am i, i go on holiday and want to stay totally technology dependant. Lame.

Oh well, see you soon. And if I dont, see you in 10 days.

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