Tuesday, September 23, 2003
I've never been more bored in my entire life. I am stuck at work, and I have nothing to do, the job list is on hold until i sort this problem out, and I can't sort it out because I'm waiting for a phone call from the local council, to tell me what to do to fix0r it.

So, hello! Theres a hot teaching assistant here. Only, shes late 30's. Touchy feely. I'm sat there thinking "Go on, you would, wouldn't you, if she asked." *wipes images from mind*

I have winamp cycling through the whole playlist on my laptop. I do hope noone disturbs me, or I may just bite their heads off.

I have no cash at all until the end of the month, and I really need a night out. Everything's been hectic lately. Quite a few changes in my life. I'm done with education, working full time is taking it's toll, people in my life have come and gone, idiots on IRC are pissing me off even when I tell them to stop it.

I wish i had a WiFi card in this lappy, cos then I could take it outside and sit in the quad with the sun shining in.

Unfortunately, it's cold. So i wouldnt do that amyway.

I need a new acoustic guitar. One that doesnt suck black mans big cock.

I just helped hot teacher with computer stuff. Mmmm

*slaps himself*

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