Friday, September 12, 2003
Fido! Here boy! Go on, onto the branch, that's it! 
This is a fucking outrage. A man has been convicted of hanging his girlfriend's two dogs from a tree in a local park after she dumped him. How long did he get? Six months.

So he can't keep animals for 5 years. Big deal. Six months is a joke. You can say all you want about humans being more important than animals, indeed, i support this view, we have evolved over all the other species and are now dominant. But, cruelty like that is still a VERY bad thing to do. Taking a life like that surely has some kind of an effect on your conscious, human or otherwise. I mean, thats fucking execution, right there. Intentionally hanging them from a tree.

The most annoying thing about this is that the man has the gaul to APPEAL against his sentence. What the hell is he going to give as his grounds for appeal? "Oh, I'm sorry your honour, the dogs climbed up the tree and both got their leads caught at exactly the same time on the same branch right next to each other." Give me a fucking break.

I'm not saying we should treat it as murder. Or rather, perhaps we should, I don't know. Hunting is legal in certain countries, but the killing of *pets* shouldn't be. Where do you draw the line? And also, what kind of penalties SHOULD be given for the murder of innocent animals, outside of hunting animals for pest control (in case you were wondering, I'm for hunting in a pest control environment, and against it for sport) - 5 years? 10 years? Life?

Tough questions, tough debates, and I don't think it'll be sorted any time soon. All I do know is that this bastard should have got considerably more than six months for this disgusting act of barbarity and murder.

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