Sunday, September 14, 2003
I apologise for the things i NEED to apologise for, and mean them.

I DONT apologise for the things i dont need to, because they were things that i dont think were my fault. Which is why i want to talk about them, to sort them out.

I dont tell everyone on the planet the situation, I tell people that ask me. Which isnt a lot of people, actually. I also talk to my friends. I need to talk to people, because if I don't, ill go blue in the face, because this is upsetting me a great deal. But frankly, this is pissing the complete and utter fuck out of me, and I've had it up to here *holds hand up to top of his head* - fucking sick of this complete stubbornness. I tried to sort it out, i tried to apologise *where needed* - and all for nought. That's it, I quit. You can all just fuck off and go to hell. Sick of getting shafted up the arse for this. Life is a complicated mess, and I want out. You'll find me sat in my room twiddling my guitar strings. Why do I get these fucking hard choices for god's sake. I didnt ask for any of this. Just as I start to feel happy when something goes right in my life, I'm reminded of what a shit i supposedly am. Maybe I am, i dont know, I made choices that I felt were justified. But i sure as hell dont deserve this. This is like, major fucking meltdown over something that is comparatively small. But then again, just my opinion. And that's usually wrong.

If anyone needs me, you know how to do it. I'm going to bed.

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