Monday, September 08, 2003
Hmm, here goes nothing (and other topics) 
I apologise in advance for this, I just have a million things in my head and I wanted to make a superhugemegamishmash post.

My swollen gland has now gone down, which is good. My throat infection has gone, which is also good.

I went to Southport with John to see Guy at the weekend. Pictures are here: - Please dont laugh, especially at me with nunchukas.

Pride swallowed, sick of hassle, email sent, update soon, cant talk about it now, i have (l)users to see to (i.e., I don't know what to say)

Does anyone want to come to London with me so we can throw rocks at David Blaine's perspex box. Or possibly shoot him with a high velocity sniper rifle? (You'll have to bring your own rifle, im fresh out of bullets for mine.)

My workdays have improved since the discovery of a spare laptop in the cupboard and a pair of speakers. They fit quite nicely on my desk, and now i can annoy people with endless shouts of FANCY A BREW! from the geniuses that are Mark and Lard.

My mum's hearing is getting worse. She should get that checked out. Mind you, my memory is probably in a worse state than her hearing is.

The Darkness are the funniest band ever. They're so bad they're good. And I need to learn some guitar riffs, and buy a stupid leather outfit so I can be in a joke rock band. I believe in a thing called love, just listen to the rhythm of my heaaaaart!

Theres a teacher here that I fucking hate. She treats me like shit apart from when she wants something. Perhaps I'll plant some porn in her directory and get her fired. Muhaha.

I've been coding a lot again. My IRCbot is lame, and I need to add some linked list functions to take in a list of nicks from a channel. Why I'm telling you this I dont know. I think i just needed to brag to someone that I could finally do it.

New songs I like, Rancid - Fall Back Down, Kinesis - One Way Mirror, Limp Bizkit - Eat You Alive (no, im not joking, its actually not bad at all), and all of the new Muse album, called Absolution. Get all of these, they will make your life complete.

There's a new road safety advert, one of those stupidly shocking ones, they lose their impact after a while, I used to be scared of them and had nightmares about them, now I just laugh at them and go "ahahah look at the blood!"

It's dinnertime, and I'm sat here typing my thoughts into a blog rather than going out and eating with the rest of the staff. But then again I dont feel like I'm "in the club" enough to do that. They are collegues, not my friends.

Someone that I'm very close to is getting involved with someone on the Net. AGAIN. Not that I'm going to judge her in anyway, but, I'd have thought that after all the shit over the past 2 years with more than one person getting hurt, people would get the idea. But no. People never learn... End. In. Tears. I'm turning into a right stick in the mud, or maybe I'm just a realist.

I've had enough now. Stay happy.

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