Monday, September 15, 2003
More things I want answering... 
Do Anti Virus companies develop viruses to give themselves more work?

Why do laptops run so damn hot? Mine keeps my legs toasty warm.

Why is a bullpen in baseball so named?

Why is sarcasm seen as arrogance or annoying?

Why have I suddenly jumped several IQ points? I took a test yesterday and got 149. This is not normal.

Enough questions. Questions instill doubt. Answers provide closure.


I can't recommend the new version of Trillian Pro enough. It's amaz0rificating. Go get.

My laptop is amazing. Free at last! Free at last! Very warm on the old bollocks though. But it's pleasant sometimes. Other times I think it's probably killing my seed. Perhaps I'll just use a table next time...

So, I'm struggling to find new content for my little blog space. I've had a few people telling me it's the best thing on the net right now :P But, i hope to god they are referring to my informative social commentary and not my regrettable private rants. Let's just say I think all people concerned have had time to think.

Preparations for the LAN continue, the venue is booked, I have an attendee list, and now all I have to do is organise the bloody food, and setup. Oh joy...

Also, Matt just bought a new G4 Powerbook. I hate him. It's sexy. I want it *drool*

I'm out. Work to do.

"You laugh at me because I am different, I laugh at you because you are all the same..."

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