Wednesday, September 10, 2003
New start 
People have come. People have gone. Some have even acted like complete retards. So, in honour of this, I have decided to totally make a new start. I can comfortably say that, at least i tried, at least i made an effort, and at least i haven't acted like an immature idiot. And, I can take hints.

So, screw 'em.

I want to go and get drunk. But I have no cash. Holidays are expensive things. Also, I can't believe it, it looks like someone in #wuzzle is going to score. And it's not me. How depressing. Roll on payday.

Work is mind-numbingly boring. I have a list of jobs but I can't do any of them until certain requirements have been met. Like, I can't make an index page for someones website if they don't tell me what they want on it, or I cant fix someones laptop if they DON'T BRING IT IN TO SCHOOL. Wankers.

It's 10am. I wan't to go home.

Also, if another person keeps telling me to either:
1) Be a DJ at a local station (never going to happen, it's a long road)
or 2) Send my radio production stuff in to a station to try and get some work

I'm going to scream. There's only one viable quick way into radio, and thats student radio. And that doesn't last forever. I mean, I'd like to, sure. But I haven't got the motivation, and/or talent.

Oh yes, and I still fucking hate Dizzee Rascal.

10:15. Blah. I could carry on adding to this all day.

Also, im fucking pissed off. I was going to see the Flaming Lips in Manchester. But it would have caused logistical problems with people coming up to Blackpool etc to stay over or whatever. So instead London is the next viable alternative. Only, I cant go to that, because someone else will be there that I dont particularly think wants to see me, and I'm not sure I want to see him especially after whats happened. So if I came it'd be awkward.

So, *I* get bumped out, for doing nothing. Where's the justice in that? I was fucking looking forward to that too. Bastards.

I'm waiting for that phone to ring, if it doesn't, I know it's over and I'm wasting my time.

I want to stab Star Office. DIE DIE DIE.

What are you still doing here. Fuck off.

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