Monday, September 29, 2003
News round up: 29/09/03 
It's that time again folks, weekly news round up starring TheHustler... starting with:

Blackout in Italy. Weird that we have: a blackout in most of the North Eastern US, a large part of London, and the *WHOLE* of Italy in the space of a few short weeks. Something dodgy's going on there. Terrorism show of strength, anyone?

Famous Brit explorer-cum-balloon freak David Hempleman-Adams just crossed the Atlantic in an open wicker balloon for the first time ever. Want my opinion on why this is the first time its been done? Because no bastard would waste their time, until now of course. Total waste of effort. Get on a plane and move with the times you idiot.

Apparently, sun tan lotions are ineffective. Well, how come this has only just been found out now? Why hasn't anyone realised that the only way to stay safe in the sun is to PUT SOME BLOODY CLOTHES ON. Or smear lard on your naked skin. Mmm. Lard.

A metorite hit a remote Indian village on Saturday, damaging homes and injuring a few people. Now, for a meteor to actually reach the ground without burning up, it needs to be pretty big. Considering NASA et al are constantly searching for and tracking objects bigger than a tennis ball across the Solar System, how did this one get in. We keep getting told about rocks that have a 0.000000001% chance of hitting us, only to be told that they won't hit us after all, and this little bugger slips in unnoticed. Weird huh?

Silly stuff of the week: Apparently scientists have worked out that high heeled shoes dont make your legs fucked from too much pressure when walking on them. This is excellent news for women everywhere. However, it doesnt solve the age old problem of you looking like a twat when the heel breaks and you fall on your derriere. *giggle*

Bruce Willis has offered a 1 million dollar ransom for the capture of Saddam Hussein. What I want to know is, he's an action hero! Why doesn't he do it himself! He could infiltrate his hideout, take out all the border patrol guards, and bring him in, no bother! Even make a film out of it :)

Quote of the week:

'99% support David Blaine but 1% of the world lives in the UK' - Arfie Mansfield, Cambridge, a reader on the BBC news website talking about David Blaine's stupid starvation in glass box stunt. Class.

Thats it, till next time kiddies...

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