Friday, September 19, 2003
Sad news :( 
Ok, so, for those that dont know, I'm a member of the VUSSP ( which is a simulated space agency. The head of our unmanned division, Kevin Martin, was a member of the US military (not sure what branch or what he did) - but this morning we awoke to the sad news from his wife that he had been killed in action in iraq. He only got shipped out there on Tuesday, and now its Friday, and he's gone.

I didnt know him THAT well, but I worked with him quite a few times on numerous projects, and the fact that he's not with us anymore deeply saddens me. Well, im not *upset* - i dont know what to think. Certainly im not erupting in floods of tears. But I am rather shocked, numbed by it all.

Our next mission landing craft will be redesignated as the VUSSP Kevin Martin, and we will make a new mission patch to honour his life and the contributions he made both to the VUSSP and to his country. Hopefully we can get it printed out, and we can all sign it and send it to his family.

Somehow, the fact that I cant get my webserver working doesnt seem quite so important :(

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