Monday, September 15, 2003
Video Games in the dock again. 
So, two kids go and use daddy's rifle to kill a guy in a car, and apparently they were copying Grand Theft Auto. And now, the makers of GTA are being sued. Complete arse. For one, they shouldn't have had such easy access to guns, but lets ignore the stupid gun laws in America for now. The blame here rests solely with the parents who shouldn't let these games get into the hands of minors (remember, there are age limits. However, they are voluntary over here, and I think they are voluntary over there too) - but also some blame rests with the kids involved.

They were brainy enough to think "hang on, lets blame this on a computer game" - which says a lot about their character. I ocan't imagine not feeling any remorse over something like his, but apparently, it seems they were oblivious to what they were doing, and are now joining the long list of "video games ruined my life" imbeciles. Like the saying goes, if video games were addictive, we'd all be chucking concrete blocks off buildings and trying to arrange them in a nice linear patten below.

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