Thursday, October 09, 2003
Digicams == l33t 
OK, so, I'm holding in my hand one brand new Sony DSC-P72 Cybershot digital camera. And it's brilliant. I love it. But what a job it was to get my hands on it.

So, there was an attempted delivery while I was at work yesterday, and there was a card through the letterbox, saying they'd try Thursday. Obviously this is not good. Nor was Friday. Saturday was the best option but I wanted it for Friday night for when Chele was here. So, I thought I could take a day off sick on Friday. But no, that would be stupid.

So stupid that I did it.

Quicker than you say "I'll arrange it for Friday," I'm on the phone arranging it for Friday. And then I ask if it's possible to get hold of the driver to see if he was still in Blackpool and if he could come back to my house. The lady on the phone said probably not, so we arranged it for Friday.


I'm in my room getting changed out of my work clothes when I hear a engine noise. I hop to the front window, wearing no pants. It's a white van, no Citilink livery on it. I think "Hum" and carry on getting changed. Then I notice a guy getting out in a green shirt. "SHIT!" I think, quickly pull on my jeans and my shirt and leg it down the stairs, I catch the chains of my jeans on the bannister and snap them both (grrr) and eventually make it to the front door in a state of half-undress. But still, I now have the camera. And it rocks++

My dog. Yay.

I'll take some other pics, and also some at the weekend, and put them up here.

Oh, Internet connection at work is up and down like a whore's knickers, its ridiculous.

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