Friday, October 17, 2003
LAN preparation. 
So, what is there left to do:

A switch is being provided by Matt.
Im starting to collect money.
We have a server (again, by Matt)
We have a venue payed for and people know where to come.

I havent got:
Food (doing it on the day)
Cables (this is, admittedly, a HUGE problem)

And also I'm really worried its going to degenerate into a big mess. People that have never been to a LAN party before are thinking this is some kind of orgy and they are talking about drugs, pulling women, going out one night, blah blah. This is stupid. Its a LAN party. I want to play some games with people, and its a social gathering. Not a fucking sex party.

// posted by TehHustler @ 11:02 AM

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