Friday, October 03, 2003
Money, Purchases, Friends 
It's random thought time.

So, I got payed at the end of september, first pay since i went full time. And it rocked. it says a lot when one months wage pays your overdraft AND leaves you 200 quid in credit. Unfortunately I've paid my mum 75 quid for various stuff, i need 40 for bus fare this month to go to work, 50 to pay off some of my student loan, and ive been out a few times. And I just bought a digicam too. Here.

So, I have 70 quid for the rest of the month. And Chele is coming next weekend, so Ill spend some then. Then I'll just have to not go out :)

The LAN is coming up soon, and I'm missing hubs/switches and network cable. Which is pretty important for a LAN party, I'm sure you'll agree. Anyone want to donate something? :)

I had a big argument with my mum. I still don't think she realises im 21 yet and that I'm making my own decisions. I'm sure some of you (Amber definitely) can relate to that. I wanted to move jobs, she thinks I'm settled where I am, then we got onto money, then onto me moving out eventually (she hated that part). It's such a big drain to argue over something like that, but ho hum.

I'm lonely. I need a good woman.

I wrote a song. I shall paste the lyrics later. It's called Petty Theft.

I am out of things to say now. Good bye.

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