Monday, October 06, 2003
News Round Up 
You know the drill. This is where I spout garbage on the weeks events. Enjoy.

First of all, its the Conservative party conference in my home town of Blackpool this week. All the town is crawling with coppers carrying MP5's and we cant move freely inside our own fine town centre. We didnt invite these bastards. Noone wants them here. So last night when I heard lots explosions I thought someone had blown up the Tory's hotel or something. No such luck. It was just fireworks.

Last night, if you didnt see Derren Brown dice with death on live TV, you missed a pretty decent hour of television. His volunteer looked like he was shitting his pants sat behind a bulletproof screen. Brown had a real look of fear on his face, and it was certainly a nailbiter when he was pulling the trigger each time. Definitely more fun than watching David Blaine's glass box antics.

Theres a debate on the word "Nigger" - I'm sick of black culture. It's racist towards white people and it is allowed to get away with it. If they can call each other niggers, i reserve the right to call them niggers, affectionately of course, I'm not racist. I just get pissed off with this reverse racism.

A university spent money to research the reason why biscuits are often crumbled up in a packet. ARRRRGHHHH. YOU FUCKING IDIOTS. IT'S BECAUSE SOME OVERWEIGHT SPOTTY TEENAGER WORKING IN THE SUPERMARKET DROPPED THE PACKET ON THE FUCKING FLOOR. *ahem* sorry, got carried away. Still, complete waste of money.

So, silly stuff. Apparently you can get addicted to text messenging now, and can actually go into a rehab clinic to beat it. This is seriously fucked up. I have no witty comments to make, or any jokes, I just wanted to say that it's fucked up. If someones brain is so tiny and their intelligence so low, and their social skills so shite that they sit around sending text's to their friends instead of picking up the phone and TALKING, then I have serious doubts about where this country is going.

HL2 source code leaked onto the net: AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Nice going there vALVE, next time, ditch Outlook and use a decent virus checker, eh? Idiots.

Quote of the week: Roy Horn, after getting half his fucking neck bitten off by a Siberian tiger: "Don't kill the cat..." - what's he gonna do? Adopt it and feed it Whiskas in the kitchen everyday. Christ. Kill the fucking thing, it nearly killed you.

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