Tuesday, October 07, 2003
Powercuts and Proxy Servers 
I'm typing this into notepad now, because we have zero Internet connectivity, The proxy server is down, and I dont even know if I'm able to ping it, because ICMP stuff is blocked by our WONDERFUL firewalls. Great, eh?

I'm actually feeling quite happy at the moment. Let's review why:

1) I have a decent job, if not entirely well paying. I'll stay for a year then fuck off to somewhere with a nicer wage and better toys to play with. There is a nifty barcode scanner here though, I'm gonna miss that. *BEEEEEP!* ahahaha.
2) I have a decent social life, I have good friends, we go out often, get drunk, and have a laugh. I thought everyone was
drifting away after university had finished, and after I'd finished college. But things are no different, hooray!
3) Family life is... OK. Grandparents are a bit doddery, I'm worried about their health but I guess they're OK for the minute. Mum is sometimes stressed but I can cope with that, as long as she doesnt go psycho on me. Rest assured, I want to be out of the house in a year minimum, I'm not moving out just yet.

So yes, things are good.

My right index finger is really sore and infected. I'm sure you didn't really want to know that, but the information is provided for your entertainment nonetheless. I'm finding it a real bastard to type using it so I'm trying not to use it.

*Tries proxy server again*


Still down. Bugger.

My office is a tip. I'll pay money to the first hot girl that offers to come here and clean it for me. You must bring your own feather duster though.

My digicam arrives tomorrow, just in time for the weekend. Yay.

I keep putting off talking to that person about that thing. Everytime we say "yeah, we must have a chat" we end up changing the subject or we're busy. I think, either we do it soon, or it'll be forever be put off.

Grr, still no Internet. Obviously, I'm waiting for the proxy server to come back up so I can go to Blogger and post this. I want to put my headphones on and listen to some music while I type this but I have a feeling someone is going to get pissed off with me. I'm trying to make it look like I'm busy typing up some important piece of work, whereas all I'm doing is providing the usual entertainment and merriment for people that read this. Hey, that's a point, if you followed a random link to get here and I don't already know you, e-mail me and let me know --> here and I'll make you famous. Probably.

I have a feeling that if I don't end this post sometime soon it's going to spiral out of control and be one of those neverending things that starts to get boring and devoid of useful stuff. But, I'm going to leave it open and type into it all day. This will be a journal of my day without Internet at work (if it stays down all day of course) - whatever shall I do! I might have to *gulp* do some WORK! *keels over and dies*

OMG we have life on the Internet front. Connected to proxy, downloaded half a site. Still quite slow. Better than nothing.

I'm really quite tired. I nearly fell asleep on the bus again today, and if noone was around here I'd rest my weary little head on the desk and just snooze and dream about this particular girl. Woops, there I go again. I know I should stop staying up to watch the TV the night before I go to work, but I can't help it. I hate missing stuff.


Matt just phoned. The net access is down all over Blackpool council sites. Hoo-fucking-ray.

Wait! It's much better now. No, it's down again. *sigh*

In theory, noone will be using the Music room today. I could sleep in there. Knowing my luck someone will walk in and find me, and then I'd get bollocked. Ah well. Its fucking freezing here. All the staff have their coats on. Me included. Only, I have a nice furry coat and everyone wants to steal it from me. Muhaha.

ROFLMAO! Now most of the power has gone in the school! But things are on in here apart from the network hardware. So, I've shut down the main server, admin one got caught in the outage unfortunately. Shut the main one down before it got brought down by force :) 75% of the school is off in one way or another. I hope that means we can go home. Hehe. There's a burning smell coming from the main electrics room. The dude is in there now, I hope he doesnt fry himself. At least, not before he puts the power back on >:)

And I thought today was going to be boring.

UGH. Fucking retards keep moaning at me because the computers and/or network are off. ITS NOT MY FAULT THE POWER IS OFF, SHUT UP.

Glad I got that out of my system. This power cut is totally random, theres no pattern to it, certain rooms have sockets and no lights, others have lights and no sockets, others have neither. And we are now waiting for Norweb to get here (for people that don't know, thats the regional power company) and have a look at it.

POWER IS BACK ON! And also the internet is too! Hooray! I'm going to Blogger to post this.

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