Tuesday, October 14, 2003
Update and ramblings 
OK, so, weekend was fantastic. We had lots of fun, had lots of beer, played lots of pool, and the weather was ok, not brilliant, but ok. And Chele enjoyed it, which was good.

Pictures: Here

Guy is coming to Blackpool tonight for a few pints and the like. And I do hope he remembers to bring me a Rubik's Cube. It's long overdue.

Why do people you really like end up getting together with other people before you ever get the chance. It's not fair dammit.

I need to put music on those songs I wrote. I'll get hold of a drum machine first of all and do some of that, then program some bass too, and play/sing over the top. It will sound SHITE++++ on a computer but it will give me an idea of how my songs would sound. Wish I had a studio :)

David Blaine comes out of his box soon. I hope he fucks off back to America and never comes back, the silly sod.

FUUUCK I lost some badges off my rucksack. They arent expensive but I liked the one I had.

Added a new link. Chronix Aggression Radio is l33t - Best metal station on the net.

And I think im now officially done.


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