Wednesday, November 19, 2003
Badminton is great 
Last night me and Dave went to the badminton club at the sports centre. There were a few more people there this week, all about our age or younger, We ended up playing singles matches against each other, and tried doubles for the first time, which me and Dave OWNED at. Suffice to say, I'm getting better. And I beat Dave. Har.

Finished my mass virus check at work. Well, by finish I mean, did a quarter, thought "The rest will be fine!" and ticked the form, sent it back. Finished my hardware audit too. Result: We have lots of old kit, lets burn it.

o0o Random Faceparty message! That's never happened before. Quite nice too... Hmmm.

I'm listening to The Mars Volta an awful lot, they are superb, the music is quite unlike anything you've heard, although its not very accessible, and the lyrics are, for the most part, arse. But the guitar work is awesome

Just gave the headteacher her hardware audit. She seemed happy with it. Most excellent.

Cant think of anything else to post. TTYL.

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