Tuesday, November 25, 2003
Increment by Increment... Do Do Do Doooo. 
Someone should tell Progress House that the best time for doing maintainance on the IT infrastructure ISN'T 9 in the morning when EVERYONE IS LOGGING ON.

Fucking idiots.

So now I have to find stuff to do until it comes back on. I know! Work, I'll do some of that. In a few minutes anyway :)

So, we're trying to get James to come see British Sea Power in London on New Years Eve. Only, he's none too keen. He'd rather go to tacky clubs, dance with women, and get drunk. Now, while I'm all up for that, I want to do something different. I'm not really in a shallow mood, I want to go and have fun and have a night to remember, not a night that blends in with all the others. Although, I'm relishing the prospect of being in London for the night, because it owns.

Badminton tonight. Yay. I bet Matt doesn't come, the lazy cunt.

Connection came back up for an hour and died. Yay.

So yeh, I'm going to go to Preston after payday and spend the day in the pub with Emma. She's probably going to drink me under the table and have her wicked way with me.

These 4 pre-pubescent library helper girls are really annoying me. 10 year olds are so fucking loud. And they have such an attitude on them. Kill me now, before I kill them.

And work blows, or rather, im sick of whiney fucking teachers. KILL EM ALL.


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