Monday, November 17, 2003
Matrix Revolutions 
So, Matt and I saw Matrix Revolutions on Saturday night. And it sucked major donkey penis. It left a few questions unanswered, was typical Hollywood folly, everyone wins, there were the usual "oh my god!"'s and "oh no!"'s from the main characters, a lot of it was just plain puke inducing. It felt like a quickly produced ending to finish everything in a hurry. It also carried on the religious subplot, and I had a feeling that I had accidentally walked into Jesus Christ The Movie, part 3. Neo died for all our sins, you know...

Problem is, the people there for just an action flick loved it, the people that went to have their brains and imagination indulged hated it. I think I fall somewhere in the middle.

5 out of 10. No more, no less. It was... ok.

Oh by the way, I think I'm turning into a woman. I saw a trailer for Love Actually and thought it looked good. Save me, someone.

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