Wednesday, November 12, 2003
Random thoughts and musings 
Hello Everybody Peeps!

Well, the Internet connection decided to fail JUST as I needed to do something quite important. It's a bloody joke, if this were a commercial company, and they had the uptime that they do, there would be a serious outcry and people would expect refunds. As it is, the local council provides Internet to the schools in it's area, and you get what your given.

In this instance, we're given fuck all.

In honour of this, I shall commit random thoughts to Notepad, so that they can be uploaded when the connection is back. This will allow me to pass the time without dying of boredom.

I keep playing C64 music. Now THAT was a fucking synthesizer. Arpeggios forever!

Net connection still down. Can't even post to my blog! Nightmare!

I still have the remants of a cold from the weekend, I took the day off work on Tuesday and I feel worse now I'm back at work. That always frigging happens.

Money is tight this month, that LAN was expensive. I have stuff I need to do but I don't think im going to be able to :(

The website redesign went well, CSS is really nice, but tricky to get your head around at first. I need to add more stuff to the site though, it's a bit bare. The main problem is that different browsers render pages differently, even though they shouldn't. Bloody lazy programmers...

Just phoned IT helpdesk, apparently the firewall has broken. Grr.

The connection came back up!!! For 10 minutes!!! GRRR!

Things I need to do: I need to learn Flash, it looks l33t. But complicated. I need to take a trip to the library to get some more fiction books. Any suggestions, email them to me. Got me a nice new net radio proggie, so I'll be test driving that later I think. I haven't written a song in days. This shall be rectified later. I don't really have a topic, I may just write something in my head on the way home from work.

ROFL! Matt just phoned to tell me that the firewall is virused. Which considering its a Sun Sparc is quite an achievement. Although we suspect its been replaced with a completely useless piece of Windows-based shite. Which would explain a lot. And they now say that things will be ok in three days time. Woo Fucking Hoo.

One hour to go! Then I can go home! And buy Doritos and salsa dip and some beer! I'm going to really laze around tonight. With the laptop.


(I had to get that out, he's pissing me off so much. And he's banging the only hot teacher in school, the cunt. Proof if proof were needed that girls like wankers. Kill me please.)

25 minutes to go! Yay! And it's ice hockey tonight! But I have to go to some twat's house, the husband of a friend of my mum, and fix his computer. He better pay me.

And I'm at home posting this now. Net connection never came back.

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