Wednesday, December 17, 2003
Random thoughts... 
OK, theres two things that piss me off:

1) People reading out web addresses on TV without knowing what one is. This is doubly annoying if they say only 2 W's instead of the requisite 3.

2) People who say "Log on" or "click onto" a website. That is balls. You dont log on unless you have to use a username or password. You dont click onto if you arent following a link. So, i guess the right word is access. But thats too complex for non techie people. Visit is ok, I guess you are visiting if you go once, but if you keep coming back, you're a regular, not a visitor.

You can see how bored I am that I had to talk about that. Christ.

Net problems again here. *sigh* *periodically saves blog to desktop*

I need a new wireless card for my laptop, the one I got off Peter is shite. But I need one that works with netstumbler or has Linux drivers. I R Wardriver. Don't tell anyone. Shhh. Might get the Blackpool wardrive project going soon.

I'm not looking forward to the Christmas Party night out at work. It's this Friday and I'm bricking it. I know I work with them every day, but it's not like i REALLY know them, I haven't been here that long. Plus with my age its difficult to relate to them. I'm worried I'll have noone to talk to, or I'll do something wrong or whatever, especially when drunk. Perhaps I should stay off the booze, just to minimise the chances of doing anything stupidly idiotic.

I have absolutely jack shit at work to do. I suppose I could do my usual CD amnesty, They are all meant to come back to me at the end of each term. So I can see who's been stealing stuff and whatnot. Or just to do an audit of what we have and what we should have. But, it's stupidly boring.

Dammit, need to make some more music. I have some bootleg ideas i need to do. But its too hard and I end up scrapping them half way through. Might do a radio show of mixing other bootlegs together.

God, if I'm not careful, I'm going to end up shouting at these girls that help in the library, 10 year olds with attitude problems, they act like they are 16. Not good.

2 more days at work before the holidays! W00t! It's going to be fun, I think. I'll drink lots of alcohol, eat lots of food, probably see friends, ubergood. Then London at new year! Woohoo!

Oh my god, I never did get round to making my New Years resolution come true. I wanted to form, or join a band. And I didn't. Next year then I guess, I was busy all this year. I still don't think I'm THAT good though. I suppose I could do some nasty garage rock band that needs only 4 chords. And I can't sing and play at the same time, I lose all Coordination. And I can't play guitar standing up for some reason, it hurts my wrist and I can't see what I'm doing. God I suck. :-(

Work is boring the shit out of me. It's not the challenge it used to be, this school is going nowhere. I'll be glad come July, I'm definitely going to look for another job elsewhere, for someone that values its staff and that furthers their Knowledge by way of training.

Bored now.

Roll on Saturday. I can't wait! :)

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