Thursday, December 18, 2003
Troubles, Tiredness, and Turtles 
Hooray, I'm here again to bore you all throughout my very busy (s/busy/boring) work day.

First of all, I'm really getting quite cheesed off because Emma is in Preston, and I'm not. *sigh* Although, our little movie marathon on Saturday will be well worth it...

I'm just getting pissed off now. Theres 2 days to work until Christmas and I just want them to fucking hurry up. I'm starting to feel really depressed, everything's so mundane. I think if I wasn't so tired I'd feel better...

Bleh net problems. I might just get an AOL dialup to use as a backup, it has to be better than the fabulous connection provided by Blackpool Borough Council. I can't even be arsed phoning them up to ask what the hell is going on, because I'll get some fucked up answer about dodgy firewalls etc. What a joke.

I have decided that wireless internet rocks. I was lay in bed last night, watching a launch from Cape Canaveral, talking on IRC, and talking to Emma. And it was great. But the speed of the network connection was shite. I've decided that it's definitely the US Robotics card in my laptop, so, that needs replacing ASAP. Peter will give me my money back, or I'll skin him alive.

How long on average do we spend looking at little blue bars go from 0 to 100%? In your life? I have no idea, but I expect it's a good chunk of time from our lives. What a joke. Programs should be made more multithreaded so that we can do other things while waiting for one task to finish. Or I could be talking bollocks, I'm no programmer.

I'm going to take the LOGO turtle home from work, it's broken, and I think it looks rather cute. I figure I can take out the insides and put it on my wardrobe as a kind of pet. Perhaps give it Emma as a going away present, har. Although I figure she'd probably want a penguin more than a turtle.

I'm addicted to Tshirts, and I think I need to buy some more from - Although I really need some jeans. Hmm. Or some penguin mints! Mmm.

Still having net problems, MSN just wont connect at all, and it's doing my nut in. I'm gonna phone them. And its engaged. Fuck. And after checking the helpdesk website it turns out that they know theres a problem and are "investigating" - translation "We have no fucking idea" - Wankers.

GRRRR MOTHERFUCKERS. Sick and tired of people coming past saying I'm doing nothing. Just because I'm sat in the chair doesnt mean I'm doing nothing. These fuckers can do my job if they want, I'm really quite pissed off at the comments, whether they were meant as a joke or not I don't care. Cunts.

That's it, I'm outta here. Fuck em all.

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