Tuesday, December 30, 2003
Wowza. Long time no see. 
Hey! Who are you? Oh! Right, It's been that long I've forgotten you.

So, it breaks down like this:

Christmas was great, I've never drunk so much in all my life. It's a wonder my liver hasnt died after the amount of alcohol i've consumed this month. And thats BAD. I don't like it. I'm having a month off the booze in January.

Also, I ate lots of food. Again, this isn't good. It's all coming off in January thanks to lots of jogging and games of badminton.

New years eve, I'm going to London with Dave and Bob to stay at James' flat, we're going to see British Sea Power, and it's going to kick arse. I don't want to drink as much as I fear I'm going to, but ah well. I also need to be on the lookout for nasty girls trying to pull me, because I'm so not interested :)

Which brings me onto to the final subject. Emma is away till mid January, and it sucks big black man's cock. But we're going to see Athlete! Hooray!

I'll post after New year. Have a good one everyone!

(I'm up at 5:30am tomorrow, ffs)

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