Monday, January 12, 2004
I don't normally post stuff like this in a blog, but basically, I want to smash Matt's scrawny little face into pieces, then put them on a shovel, and throw them into a bin. Then I want to set fire to it.

I'm VERY happy at the moment and i DON'T need arseholes like him going all two faced on me again. He's such a fucking cock with his "I'm better than you attitude" and it pisses the complete and utter fuck out of me. I mean, the only person that really likes him is Tim ffs, noone else does, they think he's a cock! He cant resist talking about people behind their backs, he's rude, VERY arrogant, and he can't resist getting digs in to belittle you. I'm not taking it from him anymore.

I should have listened to my mum, to James, to Amber, to Kris, and to everyone else who told me he was a dickhead.

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