Tuesday, January 13, 2004
Meh, calmed down now 
Firstly, I'm seeing Emma tomorrow. This is indeed an excellent thing. I hope it goes OK and that she hasn't forgotten who I am...

Secondly, I'm a bit calmer after yesterday. I know Matt was probably pissed off about something, he told me after he tried to apologise. I wasn't really wanting him to yesterday, I was determined to not talk to him at all, forever if need be. I succesfully blocked him from msn, aim, and irc, and then i forgot to do it this morning. So, yeh, he apologised and said he was in a shitty mood, but thats still no reason to take it out on me. Meh, I need all the friends I can get. Fark it. At least I can get pissed with him. All I say is, shaky ground... 2nd time now, lest we forget. Next time I won't come round so easily.

So, work is once again pissing me off, I'm doing things I'm not meant to do, but they are orders from on high and I'm not about to disobey them and get fired. Or something. Anyway, I'll be out of here come July, I don't care to be honest.

The stickers arrived for my guitar! Linkage - Pretty, no.

Dinnertime, bbl.

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