Saturday, January 03, 2004
New Years Eve Roundup 
We went to the Tate gallery, and we looked at lots of stuff, and it was good.
Then we ate food and drank beer.
Then we went to the Highbury Garage.

British Sea Power were amazing, as were the support bands. Any band that can sing In The Bleak Midwinter dressed up as carol singers gets my vote. And Yan stagedived and sang half way into the crowd. Sheer Class.

Emerging at 2am, we returned for more pizza and beer.

The next day was a recovery day, but was also spent at the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum. The Science Museum had all this fantastically cool Space stuff, and I could have spent hours in there but we had to go.
We went to the Namco Station which was FANTASTIC. I am the air hockey champion! And those pricks that were taking the piss out of me soon shut up when they saw how hard we play hockey. And I'm the Daytona champion too. Time Crisis is always good, and I owned at that. And the laser rifle shooting, I got leathered on the first goes but on the second go when I moved to a gun that WORKED, i got 15 targets and the score only went to 10. Go me. Basically I rock ;)

Friday, went home on the train, and there was an automatic door that had a mind of it's own and kept closing on people. Much hilarity ensued.

Pictures: [here]

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