Tuesday, February 24, 2004
Back to work 
Half term is over, ive had lots of lie in's, and now, we're back at work after Half Term. Kinda sucks, im bored with it all now, but, mmeh, it pays the bills. I'm still doing photocopying and I'd rather be jamming forks into my eyes.

So, I am waiting for payday so I can go to matt/peters birthday bash thingy at their house and actually afford some beer. I also:

* owe John ten quid
* owe my mum about 60
* need to pay the student loans company my monthly 50
* need 40 quid in bus fare for March

So, all in all, thats 160 out of my account before I even get into March proper. Bollocks to that.

I need to go out with the girls so I can apologise for my stupidly fucked memory, which meant that I forgot about the LAN when I said: "sure ill go to the pub with you all" - so now im going to look like a complete cock in front of them. Which is bad, because, I'd rather not fall out of favour with them if you know what i mean. Going out with pretty girls is a definite ego boost. And one I need badly at the moment.

Music status: Band - Not started yet. Remixes - Seem to be enjoying good reports, bar the cheesy ones. I'll get round to putting them out into the world soon, probably via Get Your Bootleg On Forum, which seem to like the ones I've uploaded already.

The Wuzzle Collective (tm) has just entered an online fantasy trading game, run by The Times, [www.timesfantasyshares.co.uk] - highly recommended, lots of good holidays to be won. My shares have nosedived! SELL SELL SELL!

Ive spent an hour chasing up a number for a company to request information on one of their products only to be told when i got through that the company went bust 2 years ago and the building is now home to a travel company. Useful!

Bugger it. Dinnertime!

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