Tuesday, February 03, 2004
Big update time. 
It's been a while, as Aaron from Staind sang once upon a time. I say sang, it was more growled. Anyway...

What has happened to me since mid January. Here goes nothing:

First of all, me and Emma sorta arent together anymore. I don't know if I should really be talking about this, but, kinda need to get it off my chest I guess. We realised that we just didnt have that spark anymore, and that we got on really well, but only as if we were really good mates. Which is how it stands now, and its good that things finally got sorted. The eagle-eyed among you will know that I was slightly disillusioned and wondered why things seemed to be tailing off. Thankfully it was completely amicable, we're happy about it, and although I'm a tad disappointed, I'm not pissed off. Which is good. And it means we can get back to doing what we're best at: Going out and getting drunk.

2 weeks till Bob's LAN/Birthday bash. Unfortunately we can't go see The Killers in London. Bollocks.

Music.Jolt is now in full swing! We'll be doing interviews and reviews and features. Go look: www.music.jolt.co.uk

Other selected items, in no particular order:

* I dropped a pint glass in a restaurant and coated myself in glass and beer.
* I met four German girls, courtesy of Tim. Dave scored with one, go him!
* I scored a date with a lesbian! (Don't ask)
* I bought two hoodies. Soulfly and the Foo Fighters

And that's it. God my life is boring :-P

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