Thursday, February 12, 2004
Mmm, photocopying 
I just got toner on my shirt. I am NOT a happy chappy. On the plus side, I can leave the photocopier doing something while I carry on doing the important stuff, namely, keeping the frigging computers running...

I still haven't started a band, dammit. I'll write songs later but I think I'd be shit at it. Music is more my thing, I can write killer guitar riffs.

I have a bit of a confession to make. I'm becoming addicted to milkshake. I mean, it's all James' fault. He got me into Yazoo over new year, and now I keep buying it. I keep thinking, "well, its healthier than a bottle of Coke!" but apparently it can be really fattening if you drink a lot. So, I'll have to try and fight the addiction. If I'm not careful I'll end up in The Priory for detox. I'm already addicted to Walkers Thai Sweet Chilli Sensations Crisps, so I don't need to be dependant on anything else as well, that'd just be a nightmare.

Quite busy at work at the moment, planning for INSET day, and sorting out all the software into different sections. Quite rushed off my feet organising stuff, and I'm not sure I like it! Photocopying is far less stressful. I think I'll put it on my CV.

Day of Defeat is the funnest game ever. It pwns Counter-Strikes arse. Teamplay is cool, and I can't imagine going back to deathmatch ever again. Also good is XIII, which I borrowed off Matt. It's a refreshing change. Gore and photorealistic textures are ok, but with it's comic book style graphics and cool 70s jazz soundtrack, it's been a blast to play through. It's almost like the Mario Kart of the first person shooter world, all cartoony and stuff.

Ugh, I couldn't be a teacher, I've just heard a teacher shout really loud, like the kids have been making him angrier and angrier and he finally snapped. I have respect for teachers, not only for the fact that they (try) to educate kids, but also for the amount of shit they get, and the crappy pay. But I still wouldn't do it :-)

The Killers are the best band ever. Maybe.

It's World Book Day soon. I have to come to work dressed as a book character. I would come as Arthur Dent, were it not for the fact that noone will understand who I am. So, someone suggested that I come dressed as Willy Wonka. I need a top hat, a shirt, bow tie, a jacket, trousers, and a walking stick. Should be good. I'll post pics.

Can't think of much else now.

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