Wednesday, March 24, 2004
So, the day started off really well, it was nice and sunny, the summer months are approaching, and the warm rays were hitting my face through the bus window as I sat reading the paper on the way to work.

Last night before I left work I turned off all the servers and workstations so that the electricians could test them early in the morning, and I could turn them back on before the morning started. Only, it didn't quite go to plan.

I had a disk check scheduled, so, it took 90 minutes to run through it before crashing out anyway with an insufficient memory message (I mean, wtf? On startup? Crazy...) - so that was abandoned. Server up, everyone happy.

Then, I got told by someone putting new equipment in that they couldn't get to the server. I think, "uh oh," and leg it upstairs. The server is fine. I check the comms cabinet. It's fine, and there are lights in the right places. All good. I run to the other comms cabinet. I see electricians there. Who tell me they turned it off to check it.

And at that moment, Adrian leans out of the computer suite to tell me they are having network problems.


So, kids lost their work, i get fucking angry, electricians get it in the neck for not telling me before doing important stuff like that.

And who gets it in the neck, ultimately. Muggins here. Anything is always my fault. The buck stops here, just because I'm the computer guy. It doesn't matter if the problem is external or not my fault, it just turns out to be my fault in the end.

Also, I had to move a computer trolley today up a flight of stairs. I did have help, but it was heavy. Oh, and photocopier jams. Oh, and having to apply some UV paint stuff called Smartwater to every piece of equipment we have here, which is going to take me weeks. And I have the resource register to update.

Basically, I've had a shit day and I want to go home. And I can in 2 hours and 5 mins.

Everyone else is in a bad mood today as well, for one reason or another. I think everyone is just waiting for Easter.

Roll on the holidays, I've had enough of this shit.

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