Tuesday, March 02, 2004
The cleverest advertising campaign ever? 
OK, watch the documentary here:


Now. Too good to be true? Of course it is. Which is why the film maker himself, Carlos Soto, believes he was duped by Volvo into making a documentary about something that turns out to be a complete fabrication, made up by Volvo as a spoof to sell cars. He explains this on his website, and shows you his unedited footage where he spells out the inconsistancies in the film that he shot:


OK. Sounds plausible. The thing is, Carlos Soto is a fake as well. All the evidence, dodgy references on his page, a hotmail address hastily created, and a whois record that points to a website registered by the advert agency that works for Volvo cars. So what you have is a spoof within a spoof, if you want to call it that. It's very clever, and the viral marketing approach is definitely at work here. People will say "Have you seen that ad" followed by "OMG, it was all fake, look at the directors website!" - The ad definitely appears to be a brand image ad rather than pushing one particular product, even if it is about the new model they have released. I mean, it doesnt want to make me buy a car, but it does put the Volvo name in my head.

Heres the inside info on the campaign from an advertising industry website:


All in all, this is exceedingly clever. Top marks all round. Gave me a chuckle.

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