Tuesday, March 23, 2004
Controversial topic time! 
So, one of the members of Big Brovaz was fired from the band because he was caught with drugs on him. Good riddance, i say.

If there was any doubt that rap, r&b, and hip hop, specifically around the black community, was infested with crime and violence and drugs, this should go some way to erasing it. And, I'm only saying what a lot of people are thinking. It's not racist. Racist is inciting hatred on someone for no valid reason other than the fact that they are different from you. If I was racist, I wouldn't have black friends. The thing is, a lot of them agree with me! Like I said, this isnt racist, this is different. This is looking at the evidence that is all around us, in the media and on our streets. Maybe its a poverty thing, or something to do with a bad upbringing, but really, they aren't doing themselves any favours when stuff like this happens. Oh, and it's not just the black community, I'm wrong there. It's also the pasty faced inner-city white boys that are trying to be well 'ard and black. They're just as bad.

Who'll bet me money that there'll be more of this kind of thing surrounding rap, r&b, and hip hop artists? I should patent that So Solid Bingo game I came up with a few years ago. Everytime one of them is arrested you tick them off, and you get a prize for the corners, a line, or a full house. I want to see it being sold this Christmas. Fun for all the family!

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