Wednesday, March 17, 2004
My first official bollocking at work 
Well, not really a bollocking. More a "for future reference, dont ever do that again".

A teacher asked me if there was a spare printer lying about, because he had a shitload of printing to do, and needed one in his classroom. I knew that a computer was being relocated to somewhere more useful, and that it had a printer attached to it. The printer didnt really work on this machine, and probably wouldnt be needed at its new location. So, I told the teacher he could have that printer.

One of the deputy heads finds out, and im told in a calm, but authoritive tone, that other teams might have needed that printer, and that all of this should have been cleared by her, and by my line manager. The problem is, in this place, everyone is so friendly that people regularly come directly to me instead of my manager, and I do jobs for them. It shouldn't be this way, but thats the kind of friendly working environment I'm in.

So I think I'm in trouble, but the teacher saw the deputy head and talked to her, and really, it's his fault for not going to my manager, and being too demanding. So, I'm rattled, feeling a bit naive, but I'm ok, on the whole.

Still, I've managed 13 months without so much as a dodgy glance or comment from anyone, so I've done ok.

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