Thursday, March 11, 2004
News round up. 
Bryan has left Westlife then. Only four to go... Who has a rifle they can lend me?

*warning, controversial viewpoint ahead* Apparently black rap and hip hop stars are being spied on by police in Miami, in an attempt to stop gang violence and crime. But people say this is racist. Hello! It's not racist! Look out of the fucking window and watch the gangs of black youths running around with guns causing trouble. Turn on the TV and watch the black music artists videos with their demeaning attitude towards women and their songs about putting bullets in other people. It's not racist at all, its looking at the evidence right in front of your face. Stop crying racist everytime someone points out your flaws and sort it the fuck out.

All five of the British nationals that were being held by the US in Guantanamo Bay have been released *without charge* - IE, there was insufficient evidence to prosecute them for anything. Cut off for two years from their family, legal representation, and the outside world, under NO criminal charges. If the US isn't violating some human rights law, then I'm a bloody Chinaman.

OK, done with the ranting.

In other news, I started playing the Sven Coop Half-Life mod yesterday night. It's like the normal single player HL, but you play on a server with lots of other people, all working together to complete a mission. It's bundles of fun, moreso than some stuffy real world war game. But I still loves my DoD.

I've given up on the Times shares game. It sucks cock. I keep losing money without even trying. Maybe I should try and get down to zero.... hmm....

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