Tuesday, March 16, 2004
Random Thoughts 
People leaving my computer rooms untidy annoy me.

People asking for things 5 minutes before they need them, instead of the day before, annoy me.

The person in the newsagent that stared at me like I was insane this morning, just because I bought a copy of the Independent. He annoyed me. I'm a working man of the world that likes to keep abreast of world affairs! So I'll buy my paper with pride! I feel old though. It's like, paper buying age. And it wasn't a tabloid. Makes me feel like I'll be buying pints of milk next at the same time. Ugh. I wanna be 5 again.

Dido is at V Festival this year. What the FUCK. The Pixies and Muse are there too, so I'm still gonna go, but her MOR easy listening warblings have no place at a rock/alternative music festival.

I'm being lumbered with more photocopying and it's doing my nut in tremendously.

The new Spanish PM has said the Spanish troops in Iraq will be pulled out by June if the control hasn't passed over to the Iraqis. And this has absolutely NOTHING to do with the train bombings, nothing at all. Bullshit it doesn't.

You know they are doing compact versions of broadsheet newspapers. Do they play with the layout to make it fit, or do they just shrink the image of each page. That'd be a piece of piss. Also, even though the compact versions of papers are smaller, and hence, use less paper and ink, they are the same price as the broadsheet ones. This isn't fair!

I'm still addicted to milkshakes.

Andy, Jon, and Mark have gone to Amsterdam for 3 days. Lucky wankers.

The Russian election was the most one-sided affair ever. The state controlled media (ie, run by Putin) gave little or no coverage to the other candidates, thus making their campaigns very weak. Clearly, this has to be addressed, and some European observers say this reflects badly on the country.

I need a new desktop background. *Looks*

We're all going to the Pleasure Beach this weekend! Hooray!

All out of ideas now...

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