Sunday, March 07, 2004
Things of note that happened today 
My grandad made me piss myself laughing. We we're talking about a kid at the school my mum works at who had an operation to pin her sticking-out ears back. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, grandad goes: "Funny things, ears, aren't they?" I just burst out laughing and he was like, "What? What's so funny?"

Speaking of grandad, he was looking well today, better than normal. It could have been the red cardigan making him look more sprightly, or, he could have visited one of Manchester's many crack dens for some drugs. Also, grandma was a bitch again, she has a heart of stone, shes selfish, and she talks about people behind her back, so bloody two faced. She treats my grandad like shit, I'm amazed they are still together after 40 odd years without murder playing a part.

I'm typing this sat in the car on the way home, listening to the finest piece of audio trickery ever. Simply Kev (AKA DJ Food) made a Superchunk for The Remix on XFM, and its 3 gigs, 130 tracks plus tons of speech samples inside 40 mins. Go get it, and be amazed: [Link]

*closes laptop lid to cut out screen and save power, while listening to said MP3*

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