Monday, April 26, 2004
(This is the second time I've typed this up today, it wont be the same as the first time :( )

So, I got up this morning, left my house to go to work, and then, something hit me. The whole place was silent. There wasn't a car on the roads, nor a person on the streets. It was so eerie, like a scene from 28 Days Later. I walked to the bus stop, and then, out of nowhere, 5 cars come over the hill, and lots of people left their houses. So, where the fuck everyone was, no idea. It was like being on that film, The Truman Show, with loads of actors, only they all missed their cue.

I'm listening to too much heavy metal recently. Which isn't a bad thing. I've never cared about what people think about my music tastes, to be honest. But it's the latest in my series of phases. I go through them for fun. A month of alternative rock, a month of metal, a month of listening to Judge Jules every Saturday night. I'm an odd duck.

I'm half pissed off. Because The Killers had to reschedule some dates due to other commitments, so I can't go to it, because it's now on a Sunday, and I work on the Monday. But all is not lost! Because I'm now going to the Manchester University date instead, with James, on Friday May 28th. And then we're going to go out in Manchester, stay over, and meet Adele the next day for coffee, shopping, and stuffs. I can't wait, because I'll get Dellyhuggles. Yays!

(And I cant for the life of me remember what else I had here before I closed the frigging window, so bugger it.)

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