Monday, April 19, 2004
New design is up! 
Thanks for the feedback, the CSS help, the helpful comments ("OMG, WTF have you done to your website!", "ARGH! GREEN!") - All your comments were noted and taken on board. Then, they were completely ignored, and this piece of shite uploaded instead.

I actually had a load of stuff to talk about, but I've forgotten most of it. Go me. This update was as much for James as anyone, because he keeps moaning that he has nothing to read. Can I suggest you look at some porn, if you're stuck for something to fill 5 minutes. Or in your case, 1 minute.... (I'm so fucking glad you're 400 miles away :-x)

Went to Matt's last night, Sarah was there again, she's nice and all that, and I think Matt and Liz are trying to play matchmaker, but meh, I dunno, bit out of my league. Too old. Or something. Besides, my attentions are elsewhere.

Music talk. Keane == good. No guitars either, a nice change from every band at the moment that want to "Be like The Strokes" - go find Somewhere Only We Know, or Bend and Break. Mellowy sing-along anthems that I predict will be headlining a major festival within the next few years, if there's any justice.

Ahar, so, I'm back at work after the holidays. Now, I've gone on to all and sundry that know me about how great working at a school is, because of the STTTUUUPID amount of holiday time you get. However, I know now that this isn't always a good thing. Consider the fact that prices for stuff go up in the school holidays, and that makes planning trips away a nightmare. Also, the thing that I have realised, is that because the terms are all nicely split up, you find yourself counting down the weeks (6 weeks to go.... 5 weeks to go....) and you let yourself go down the road of getting all depressed and pissed off because you're not on holiday yet, and you wish you were. Start-Stop, Start-Stop, it's very annoying, in a way. Even now, I'm thinking about half term, and what I'm going to do in it. I set myself little goals now, so like, "yes, 4 weeks till I see The Killers!" but then I think "Shit, term has only JUST started, there's shitloads of weeks left" - and that depresses me. Perhaps I need to get out of education and work in a nice cubicle for the entire year, like most normal folk.

V Festival tickets have been ordered! Yay! :-)

We had to get them off eBay for 150 quid each! Nay! :-(

I need some thoughts on what to put over <------ there. So far I have the Blackpool Weather, and the obligatory Blogger button, but it's looking rather bare. Answers on a postcard, or a small goat, to the usuall address.

It's fucking cold up here, why isn' t the heating working?

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