Wednesday, April 21, 2004
One of those days... 
I get up out of my seat on the bus this morning, and bang my head on the ceiling. Imagine that. Shortarse here, banging his head on something. Un-fucking-believable.

Then, I trip over the step getting OFF the bus, and nearly go headfirst into a wall.

Then, I walk into Tesco's, buy some crisps, and on the way out, the automatic sliding door decided it was going to delay the time it takes to open fully until just after I got there. Result, I walk pretty much into it.

Finally, said crisps were cruelly torn from my grasp when a particularly strong gust of wind took hold of it.

So then I get into work, and find a tray full of photocopying to do, most of it for today. There's no hope of me finishing it all in time, so someone is going to be pissed off.

Something has been bugging me. Old people. Not old people per se, but old people that stare at you. They seem to either have: 1) a facination with young people, or 2) they fancy us all. Have you ever been walking down the road and an old woman looks out of her window and tracks you all the way along the road. It's as if they are waiting for you to do something bad so they can make a fuss. They seem to have this perception that all young people are up to no good, and it makes them obsessive about catching us doing something. Pisses me off. And you can't stare back at them, because it's weird. And they might think you're trying to intimidate them. So, you just walk past and keep a straight face. Seems to work for me.

On teletext this morning, a letter on there said "If Nirvana influenced ONE band to form, then surely that's a good thing." And I'm thinking, surely it depends on the band? I mean, it could have been the Spice Girls or something! And I'm sick of people creaming themselves over Kurt Cobain. Yes, Nirvana were good, but all this romanticising over their music, and obsession over his death isn't healthy at all. Move on folks, start getting into new stuff. It'll do you good.

I'm done ranting now :-)

Why do I get the feeling this day is going to be an absolute shocker.

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