Tuesday, April 27, 2004
Progress Bars 
Progress bars suck. They are a source of boredom, and semi-anticipation, but more than likely, they just irritate and annoy you. You sit there watching the blue pixels crawl across from left to right. Occasionally you'll get a percentage figure to help along the process of working out how far along it's gone, but that's no fun. And sometimes. the actual time left bears no relation to the progress bar. Ever wondered why sometimes a bar stops at 99%? Me too.

I often wonder how many days of our lives we spend looking at them. I mean, people work out all kinds of crazy shit. The amount of time we spend queueing, the amount of time we spend watching television, so why not progress bars? It has to be a fuck of a long time. Think what we could be doing instead of that.

I propose a few new ideas for progress bars. Either:

1) Have none, and then its a surprise when it's finished, and you dont get pissed off watching it go across.
2) Change the blue pixels to something tailored to the user. For instance, 10 naked women for me, or, 10 blocks of chocolate for the women. If the user can relate to the things on the screen, they are more likely to not get pissed off looking at it.

And I'm done ranting. Time to install more software and look at some progress bars...

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